Nern Chalet, Hua Hin, July 7, 2018 – TAT Regional Director of Prachuap Kirikhan, Orasa Awutkom unveils new artwork from 13 international artists at the conclusion of The First Hua Hin International Contemporary Art Residency Program at Nern Chalet Beachfront Hotel, Hua Hin.

The first Hua Hin International Contemporary Art Residency Program brought together 13 internationally known artists to Hua Hin for a month to create new artwork.  Invited artists are Michael John Bell, Stephen Anthony Bird, and Ruth Li from Australia; Marc Janssens from Belgium; Sanket Viramgami from India; Monika Grycko from Italy; Hideyuki Katsumato from Japan, Epjey Pacheco from the Philippines; Anna Maria Couderc from Spain; Do Hiep, and Pham Huy Thong from Vietnam; Jesse Standlea from USA, and Vasan Sithikett from Thailand.  At the conclusion of the program, all of these artists are now ready to showcase their work.

TAT Regional Director of Prachuap Kirikhan, Orasa Awutkom says “Art created by imagination, thoughts, environment, beauty, emotion, and experiences are expressed visually through colors, techniques, and brushstrokes.  Some artists choose to express their ideas through sculpturing.  Being in Hua Hin provides international artists with a new platform of ideas, I’m so pleased to see such fantastic work resulting from their stay”.

Naidee Changmor, the local artist who brought this idea to life added, “With the international artists here, we are able to exchange ideas and learn something new and everything we learned during the process was captured in the new artwork.  Everyone will be able to see our work on display at River City Shopping Complex in Bangkok from July 11-20, 2018”.

The first Hua Hin International Contemporary Art Residency Program was held at Nern Chalet Beachfront Hotel, Hua Hin and sponsored by Tourism Authority of Thailand, Nern Chalet Beachfront Hotel, Patravadi Theatre, Pagoda – The Art Club, Artistic, River City Shopping Complex, Market Village Hua Hin, and Immediate Resources.  Art lovers, and anyone interested in enjoying artwork inspired by Hua Hin can visit the River City Shopping Complex for the full artwork displays from July 11-20, 2018.  

Hua hin International Contemporary Art residency program

Artworks of 13 international Artists

Michael John Bell, Australia

Working next to the sea in Hua Hin has influenced my new suite of paintings.
Every day I look at the horizon line of the ocean and changing weather.
There is also lots of activity on the beach - people bathing, dogs running along and resting on the sand and people walking their pet dogs on leads by the water’s edge
Stephen Anthony Bird, Australia

I am interested in what we hide, what we reject and what we throw away. What the rational mind tries to discard, here lies the treasure. Each work is a fragment of something evolving and unknown. There is a large amount of myth-making going on in my work. The story telling is however transgressive and the story is never easy to understand. There are many mistakes and corrections, false starts and flat notes, searching for the right form, the wrong form and the unexpected form. Paintings are the recordings of all these thoughts at the end of the brush.
Ruth Li, Australia

The Sublime is at once intimidating and captivating; undeniably and uniquely subjective. I want to create works that resonate with my viewers. Inspired by the Australian sky and seascapes, I delve into the chemistry of the earth to discover a quiet, collective language to bring out the spiritual essence of what I see around me. My work is about discovering this resonance and capturing that fleeting moment into solid form through the interplay of beauty, fragility and tranquility.
Marc Janssens, Belgium
My sculptures are made of clay and other objects found in Hua Hin.  The texture of clay is different from the clay I usually work with and it dries faster making it challenging to create work that I envision.   The beach brings me to the idea of ‘poisson mermaids’ to make a point of the pollution in the sea.
Sanket Viramgami, India

The work reflect the overall view of the world around me.  It narrates the shifting and transforming time and space in life.  The background surface of my work is drawn from the inside - outside stories -- politics of nature, and mythology images.  Images of present life and the journey of city living were imposed, layered and blended into the background surface through loose rhythmic pattern.  Employing the technique of camouflaging of Indian miniature and Kantha technique but on a larger scale, my work depicts the change in life style of humans. One needs to explore the painting with a closer view as it leaves many hints which offer several conclusions regarding urban and rural life.
Monika Grycko, Italy

My artwork explores the relationship between multiple fears and super-human dimensions where visual contaminations take place with swallows and unreal world which could still become concrete.
Hideyuki Katsumato, Japan

My art is very Japanese. It feels like a traditional “Ukiyoe” and contemporary “Manga” mixed together. Please enjoy my creatures: “Yokai” paradise. It’s a fantasy of the HIDEYUKI world.
Epjey Pacheco, Philippines

My work is like an art journal of my stay in Hua Hin, a bit loose in approach and inspired by the very environment I work in.
Anna Maria Couderc, Spain

The works of Anna Couderc exorcise the illness and pain that the artist knows first-hand. A physical and spiritual pain that is diluted in dream atmospheres, landscapes, still life, animals and primitive trees connected to the earth. A pain that is proclaimed in brushstrokes and splashes tearing the matter that emerges from their painting and silks.
Vasan Sitthiket, Thailand

Artist Army
Everyone is an Artist!
Born to create a better and a more beautiful world
All media of art is our weapon
To fight for change in inequality in our society!!
All painters, sculptors, print makers, poets, and musicians come together!!
Do Hiep, Vietnam

Someone enquires what is your art?

To me, my art is not something ambiguous. I do not look for a path and chase after it intensely, I want those paths to follow me.

Art is a tool to expose the problems that arise every day. Life, society, friends, culture, traditional values, and contemporary behavior, etc. are always my inspirations.  I always ask my inner self whether traditional values and modern ethics constantly negates each other; or are those kinds of standards parallel reciprocal?
Pham Huy Thong, Vietnam

While staying at Nern Chalet Beachfront for the First Hua Hin International Contemporary Art Residency, Thong created paintings about recent political and social issues such as freedom fighting or refugees.... The topics was set in an international aspect but they also very much link to things happening in artist’s country – Vietnam.
Jesse Standlea, USA

Jesse is the 13th international artist to join this program by invitation from Vasan Sithikett, Thailand’s own artist.  His work in sculpturing takes on constructing shaped clay pieces into an altogether different piece of artwork.

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